We are a cost-effective partner in manufacturing steel products for different business sectors

Offshore and marine industries

For our customers in offshore and marine industries, we manufacture f.e. structural steel components, steel structures for azimuth thrusters, oil tanks, shafts, flanges, bearing housings, transportation supports and lifting equipment.

We have long experience in manufacturing steel components and structures in marine and offshore industry.

Process industry

For our customers in process industry, we manufacture f.e. pipelines with pipe supports by using different materials. We also manufacture tanks and tank equipment based on customer`s drawings.

Construction industry

We manufacture demanding structural steel components and kits for construction industry. We are certified in accordance with EN 1090-2 for EXC1-4.

Metal industry

We manufacture for our metal industry customers f.e. turnkey machinery and equipment based on their drawings. We also manufacture spare parts with different materials. These include parts with unalloyed steel, austenitic steel, heat resistant steel, copper, brass alloy and aluminium.

Nuclear power industry

For nuclear power industry we manufacture f.e. structural steel components and kits (EXC1-4), pipelines and other steel parts. We also manufacture different turnkey machines and equipment based on the customer`s drawings.

We have experience in many nuclear power projects TL2-TL4 and EYT