We provide a flexible high quality services to primarily the needs of industry. Our expertise covers versatile and demanding sheet metal work, welding and machining.

Welding and sheet metal work services for industry

Our qualified personnel can produce demanding sheet metal and welding works with different procedures. We have welding coordination according to European Standards EN ISO 14731:2006 with Internation Welding specialists (IWS). All our welders are certified according to EN 287-1 or EN ISO 9606-1 and welding operators according to EN ISO 14732. We perform welding according to EN 15614-1. Our welding production have been certified to ISO 3834-2:2005. We have invested for positioners and welding mechanization, that is the reason why our work is efficient, high quality and safe.


We produce different kind of machined parts from customers technical spesifications. Our all-round machine stock list includes different kinf of CNC-machining centres, CNC-turning lathes, conventional machine tools and milling machines. You find exact information in our machine stock list.

Machine building

We operate as a turnkey system supplier and we can produce complete machine from customers technical spesifications. Our professional employees can produce demanding machines with high quality.

Maintenance and repair

We produce for industry customers spare parts and components for maintenance and repair with speed and flexibility.

Own products

We have develop own products. Our own products have been develop with our employees, who have been working with these kind of products for years.